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Picture time!

Williamstown x 3

And then just swipe with the mouse over each photo for more info 🙂

ImageImageImageGraffiti in the City

Peninsula Hot SpringsPeninsula Hot Springs on the Top 39-41 degreesThe Pinnacle - Grampians National ParkPink FlowerBehinds Tim's PlaceHouse no 6Lake Bellfield - Halls Gap


Spot the Kangaroo!



These are my new friends. As I’m writing this, these guys are just 20m outside my door. They are all around the hostel. And sooo incredibly cute!
Yesterday we hit the road with a rental car to Grampians National Park were we are today. Yesterday we also found another friend in Weribee Gorge National Park, a koala. Though I took that pic with my camera so I can’t show it. Also seen emu, kakadu and red parrots and green parrots amongst others.
We have today and yesterday walked/trekked and we’ve seen amazing sceneries from top of mountains and waterfalls and we are finally out in the spectacular nature! Love it!

Going backward now. Wednesday was a public holiday here, Anzac day, were you remember the ones who fought in war. No it’s me, I don’t know which war…
Before the real back pack is to start I thought it would be nice to try something new.
So me and 4 others went to Peninsula Hot Springs. Fantastic! It was all outdoors and had everything from jacuzzi, springs with 36 degrees to 42 degrees. Then a splunge pool ca 12-15 degrees for the sauna and hamam. Did it all of course! 🙂

Put up a small album when I can. For know I hope you enjoy reading. Tomorrow we leave our hostel, Tim’s Place, and the plan is to go to Warrombool and drive the Great Ocean Road back to Mel.

Now need to eat something and then go to sleep!

Yet another rainy day.

IMAX – Wraths of the Titans


Good evening everyone!

Rainy day today

And there it came. The rain that is. Yes believe it or not I and Mad went to the cinema and saw A Separation. Go see it, that’s all I say. After I drove and the wrong side of the road, right side here in Oz though, we’re now grabbing a coffee. Sluuurp as we say in Sweden! Write more later!


Yet another day which I didn’t manage to take my ass home

Yday I woke up home in Willie and mute up R and his cuz and grabbed a coffee at Bloody Mary’s in Collongwood. Retro and trendy at the same time.
Visited a police station just to double check our drivers licences and it’s all good.
Met Jessica, a friend of my masseuse back in Uppsala, a Swedish girl who came here with her sister. She’s really friendly and a nice person! She took us to a great place where we grabbed a bite in a small little alley loaded with heaps of restaurants and it’s really cosey, glad to have met her! So heaps means here in Oz plenty 😉
Later in the evening we met up with Mirza who is a Swedish dude who came a week before we arrived. We’ve met once in Stockholm a month before we left Swe. His hostel had a pub crowl which we tagged along and it was nice ordering jugs of beer instead of having just a glas and moving on. Though the beer was veeery light so no we did not get pissed! Met a loooot of people who really inspire you with each of their stories, where they came from and where they are going.
Since I could not get my hiney home to my own place, as last train went round 00.30, R offered once again to stay at his place. So once again I’m in shitty in the city..
Going home soon to freshen up and then go to Mad’s place.

Have a good one all!


Jetlag is playing hide and seek with me

Finally back in my own bed.
Excursion to Mornington 14-15 April

Let’s start in Rye – Saturday. Here we went to meet G and listen to Jeff Lang.

It was a nice evening that didn’t end at the bar of course but much much later in Rosebud, still Mornington Peninsula.

Monday – The day after started off with pancakes and bubbly champagne. It felt like an sediment hotel breakfast where we sat for 2h. Then we hit the road to Cape Shranck. With our personal incredible guide G, it all was a wonderful experience. Then we went back to Rosebud to have a swim. But “badkruka” as I am (read spoiled in the Greek waters), I only wet my feet in the 16-17 degrees warm/cold ocean.

2 nights in Brunswick
Monday eve I go home to R’s cuz to meet up my travel mate. Thinking I would leave after a while I ended up having a nice dinner with champaign again. So i started the day with bubbles and ended it the same way.
Even though I tried to go to bed round 1am I could not sleep all night! 4.30 was last time I looked at the time so maybe around 5 I finally slept..

Tuesday – we grab two push bikes and we pass the city center to reach St Kilda in the south.. Of course we went off course and reached Docklands, which wasn’t too bas actually cuz it’s pretty nice to see how it is over there.
After 13km we were finally there but it all had taken somewhat muuuch longer than eat we thought so we left the bikes there and took tram and train back to Brunswick. This night I slept a little better but R’s mattress is not the most comfortable as you feel the springs!

17 April

Today I’m finally back to my bed again though time is 2.30am…and nooo I’m not feeling sleepy. Today we fixed Medicare (försäkringskassan), TFN (Tax Fund No) and also opened a bank account. And for the fun of it I’ve ordered a pink, yes pink, Visa card! :o) and no I don’t love the color pink  :p

Until now I’ve seen bats in the size of 50cm! It ain’t called Batman Park for nothing! Free Kakadu’s and small little crazy colored birdies singing all over making me believe I accidently walked into a zoo!

Hoping i’ll get sleepy soon

24h in Mel

That was quick. Alright, slept well, no jetlag!
It’s the comedy central festival here and we sat at Federation Sq and listened to a crazy Canadian. It was real nice.
Met my dearest friend Mad and it was so good to see her again after 3 months! After I’ve left M on her track I was waiting for my train to go home. Now somebody wanted to remind me it was Friday 13th today..
While waiting i, the 24h freshly arrived one, helped a man board the right train as he was uncertain. While I then was supposed to wait 7min I missed 2trains until I finally got I should take the one that keeps passing since I need to switch! Then when in the right neighborhood, the walk home that should’ve taken 10min tops took 90min. And by then I’d spoken to 6 people asking for my street, and then I’m not counting the one flirt-wisling after me nor the one pretending he was afraid of me and then making it look like he was trying to run away from me. So I finally surrender and text B, the guy i’m staying at, and apparently I was just on the parallel street of course. Why I did’nt do that earlier was cuz my phone had no battery of course. And FYI the street is tiny, the sign is bended and there are a hundred streets around one single street!

Tomorrow i’m thinking of exploring Williamstown by day and might go to Rye in Mornington Peninsula for a small music concert.

My oz number is : 0061 420 501 223

Sleep tight!

Btw yday when I arrived I got a new nickname: Dora the Explorer
Feels like I tried to live up to that tonight!