Life isn't a business to be managed, it's a mystery to be lived!


Crazy ass long flight! But guess what, I’m finally here and it’s all good. So very good actually.
Even though I had some trouble at Cph airport as ms travel agent, read me, was off loaded the flight after checking in due to my visa was is connected to my ooooold passport! For my colleauges there is no surprise there I guess as we f*ck up when it’s time to put ourselves onboard on flights..
And even though we had to show what we were to declare, read what Mr R, had to declare..but then we all of a sudden we were right in scene from Australian Boarders. We even saw a celebraty, or well so he said he was. And to be frank I did recognise him, even though I’ve not seen that many episodes.
As I was not allowed to take pics at the declaration here is a pic from
Doha airport.

Nighty night!



Comments on: "Arrived!" (1)

  1. Finalissimo! You´re down under! Äntligen börjar äventyret 🙂

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