Life isn't a business to be managed, it's a mystery to be lived!

24h in Mel

That was quick. Alright, slept well, no jetlag!
It’s the comedy central festival here and we sat at Federation Sq and listened to a crazy Canadian. It was real nice.
Met my dearest friend Mad and it was so good to see her again after 3 months! After I’ve left M on her track I was waiting for my train to go home. Now somebody wanted to remind me it was Friday 13th today..
While waiting i, the 24h freshly arrived one, helped a man board the right train as he was uncertain. While I then was supposed to wait 7min I missed 2trains until I finally got I should take the one that keeps passing since I need to switch! Then when in the right neighborhood, the walk home that should’ve taken 10min tops took 90min. And by then I’d spoken to 6 people asking for my street, and then I’m not counting the one flirt-wisling after me nor the one pretending he was afraid of me and then making it look like he was trying to run away from me. So I finally surrender and text B, the guy i’m staying at, and apparently I was just on the parallel street of course. Why I did’nt do that earlier was cuz my phone had no battery of course. And FYI the street is tiny, the sign is bended and there are a hundred streets around one single street!

Tomorrow i’m thinking of exploring Williamstown by day and might go to Rye in Mornington Peninsula for a small music concert.

My oz number is : 0061 420 501 223

Sleep tight!

Btw yday when I arrived I got a new nickname: Dora the Explorer
Feels like I tried to live up to that tonight!

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