Life isn't a business to be managed, it's a mystery to be lived!

Finally back in my own bed.
Excursion to Mornington 14-15 April

Let’s start in Rye – Saturday. Here we went to meet G and listen to Jeff Lang.

It was a nice evening that didn’t end at the bar of course but much much later in Rosebud, still Mornington Peninsula.

Monday – The day after started off with pancakes and bubbly champagne. It felt like an sediment hotel breakfast where we sat for 2h. Then we hit the road to Cape Shranck. With our personal incredible guide G, it all was a wonderful experience. Then we went back to Rosebud to have a swim. But “badkruka” as I am (read spoiled in the Greek waters), I only wet my feet in the 16-17 degrees warm/cold ocean.

2 nights in Brunswick
Monday eve I go home to R’s cuz to meet up my travel mate. Thinking I would leave after a while I ended up having a nice dinner with champaign again. So i started the day with bubbles and ended it the same way.
Even though I tried to go to bed round 1am I could not sleep all night! 4.30 was last time I looked at the time so maybe around 5 I finally slept..

Tuesday – we grab two push bikes and we pass the city center to reach St Kilda in the south.. Of course we went off course and reached Docklands, which wasn’t too bas actually cuz it’s pretty nice to see how it is over there.
After 13km we were finally there but it all had taken somewhat muuuch longer than eat we thought so we left the bikes there and took tram and train back to Brunswick. This night I slept a little better but R’s mattress is not the most comfortable as you feel the springs!

17 April

Today I’m finally back to my bed again though time is 2.30am…and nooo I’m not feeling sleepy. Today we fixed Medicare (försäkringskassan), TFN (Tax Fund No) and also opened a bank account. And for the fun of it I’ve ordered a pink, yes pink, Visa card! :o) and no I don’t love the color pink  :p

Until now I’ve seen bats in the size of 50cm! It ain’t called Batman Park for nothing! Free Kakadu’s and small little crazy colored birdies singing all over making me believe I accidently walked into a zoo!

Hoping i’ll get sleepy soon

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  1. Lovely pics darling !

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