Life isn't a business to be managed, it's a mystery to be lived!

Spot the Kangaroo!



These are my new friends. As I’m writing this, these guys are just 20m outside my door. They are all around the hostel. And sooo incredibly cute!
Yesterday we hit the road with a rental car to Grampians National Park were we are today. Yesterday we also found another friend in Weribee Gorge National Park, a koala. Though I took that pic with my camera so I can’t show it. Also seen emu, kakadu and red parrots and green parrots amongst others.
We have today and yesterday walked/trekked and we’ve seen amazing sceneries from top of mountains and waterfalls and we are finally out in the spectacular nature! Love it!

Going backward now. Wednesday was a public holiday here, Anzac day, were you remember the ones who fought in war. No it’s me, I don’t know which war…
Before the real back pack is to start I thought it would be nice to try something new.
So me and 4 others went to Peninsula Hot Springs. Fantastic! It was all outdoors and had everything from jacuzzi, springs with 36 degrees to 42 degrees. Then a splunge pool ca 12-15 degrees for the sauna and hamam. Did it all of course! 🙂

Put up a small album when I can. For know I hope you enjoy reading. Tomorrow we leave our hostel, Tim’s Place, and the plan is to go to Warrombool and drive the Great Ocean Road back to Mel.

Now need to eat something and then go to sleep!

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