Life isn't a business to be managed, it's a mystery to be lived!

Apparently it has not rain this much for 20 years. 20 years ago one could buy post cards where the koalas held umbrellas in their hands! Well that’s nothing you find today and people are careful of how they spend their water since it’s such a dry country.

Arriving in Mel again on Saturday, after Grampians National Park I stayed my last night in Willie and now moved in with kindest M in Ormond. I know am staying all across the other side from Willie. It’s wonderful to spend time with my dearest M! Oh I also visited the Victoria Market on Saturday.

Have had a look at 6 vans so far and one more tomorrow. I don’t mind the rain but the temperature is dropping and sorry dear Melbourne but I’m not staying!

Was in a suburb of Mel called Footscray, close to my old hoods Willie, and one could call it Rosengard, Rinkeby or like I said even more laid back and cosy then the center of Mel!

I’m now here 3 weeks but still amazed by all these colorful birds! Even though I’m alreday a little annoyed by the cockatoos “singing” I’ve seen a pink and grey cockatoo which just amazes me! The white ones are the most common ones, the black ones are rare and then didn’t know about the one I saw, pink and grey,  in a tree just half a meter above my head.

Might go to a theatre today. If there are cheap tickets! :p
Love to you all!

Ps not raining at the moment! Woho!


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