Life isn't a business to be managed, it's a mystery to be lived!

This is my first time doing my laundry just like the movies. No, I did not hook up with any hunk. This time 😉


Two days ago I called my 86 year old grandmother. She is so cute and somehow by just hearing her voice it filled me with energy. I’m glad there still are normal phones!

And yesterday dad called and updated me that my niece’s first tooth is loose!! Already, and keeps growing!

Mog’s Creek last weekend was amasing. It is a spectacular old house with a nice old fire place. Located on the Great Ocean Road.


When I first entered the living room upstairs a smell hit me in the face. It was a familiar smell which I recognized immediately. Though it was probably 8 or more years ago last time. It smells just like my grandparents house in Greece. Both of them have passed away and nobody lives in the house today as it’s old and made of mud. Obviously my eyes started to tear up but they were dry pretty quick aswell.


We went to Lorne which is the next village along the way and visited a beautiful waterfall which looked like it was in a fairy tale with so much green surroundings.




And I need to show you the pink birds! After I spotted the first one I keep seeing them in groups of 4-5. So I guess they are also common around here then.


We enjoyed it and it was a very relaxing atmosphere. I hope you enjoy me sharing some of the views around here.


There are people surfing all over! Though here you might see one.


Just a small lake.


And we had Japanese that day


Tomorrow it’s mother’s day here and it is huge! Sending all my love to my precious mum!


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