Life isn't a business to be managed, it's a mystery to be lived!


This was a really nice day where I meet Daniel who is an old colleague of mine and i was very glad to meet up and we hanged all day.

Amazing to see how Melbourne and Sydney differ! Melbourne has a small city centre and the city is actually more known for its suburbs which make the city. The suburbs give the city character and personality which I’m lacking in Sydney. Though in Sydney’s defense I was only in Sydney for 4 days and Melbourne I stayed a month :p though there are more friendly people in Melbourne as well.

I was staying in Narrabeen, north of Manly, at a couchsurfer. This was my first time surfing. I have only hosted before. In general it was a good experience. I hope I can try it out again.

Sunday I left to Katoomba, Blue Mountains. It is an amazing place. Blue Mountains National Park is all over. Went to Wentworth falls first and then Katoomba. Today I went to Blackheath and did the Grand Canyon. A lot of trekking here and there. In Katoomba the Three Sisters are well known but there are heaps of walks and lookouts and caves and and and…
Pictures might come up much later though.

Tomorrow – Vipassana meditation course starts. I’m attending it. So for 10 days I’m off, no phone, no internet, no electronics. Just me, meditating surrounded by the Blue Mountains.

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  1. Enjoy ur meditation 🙂

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