Life isn't a business to be managed, it's a mystery to be lived!

Byron Bay

Australia can’t be that big. 800km ago south I was in Blue Mountains. Ziv sees me in the streets of Byron and invites me to stayvin here house. I can’t say how much I appreciate to have kitchen and wc access as a normal person!
Laura I met in BMs aswell and we’be talked and knew that our ways might cross again here in Byron so I met her for a coffee. Wonderful!
Then finally the sun came, yes also last seen in BM!
So i went down and sat on the beach. After a long while, having watched the surfers, I looked up and saw somebody walking along the beach close to the water. I knew exactly who it was! Darryl! He and I also met in BM and did a day trekking together aswell. It was wonderful to see him again since i didn’t really know where he was heading or if he might’ve flown back to US already.
So we took a walk to the lighthouse and the most eastern point in Australia. It was a great sunny day with nice surprises 🙂


Well it was pretty windy and this beach has usually…well a beach! About 50m wide I reckon, from postcards I’ve seen. But not today. Look closely and you might see someone kite surfing.

These little buggers were glowing along my way up.


Now I told you it was windy up there..






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