Life isn't a business to be managed, it's a mystery to be lived!


Water has turned into beer. People really know how to drink over here. All daycare every day. Living at a pub I am qualified to say that i know this by now.

Me and Gary. Gary is Terry’s brother and Terry is my host here in Yannie.


People just aren’t bothered about anything over here. This is Gordy who let some other bloke paint his face. Note, he was going to work next day. So?


Wendy is a really fun and sweet girl!


This is Mick, Ash, and Biggles. Mick and Biggles, together with Terry and Trisha are the owners of the pub.


I need a hat like a real Aussie!


This sums up a lot of nights at the pub. A fun crowd!


This weekend I’ll be camping and crabbing, like a real Aussie…without a hat though :p

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