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Cairns 12-21 Aug


When I first arrived in Cairns (pronounced as the picture above) I felt I didn’t want to be there. Why? Because for starters I spent one month in Yanni which is really the opposite of a touristy city…and then I just left Airlie where I met great people.
My first impression of Cairns was that it was overloaded of tourists. I didn’t. Really feel any negative about it rather than my own feelings. I just wanted to be in the bush, reaally wanted to visit the outback. See something new and not another touristy town.
Here I was though and of course the feeling passed pretty quickly. I started checking around what to do but didn’t do any if the touristy stuff. Instead the Cairns festival started and I was hanging around with the new great people I met.

Let’s start with beaches, there are none here because when it’s low tide it’s just muddy everywhere and when it’s high tide…well it just looks like the water at home, it’s brown… One can drive 10km north/south and get the great beaches again if the wish. Otherwise the well nown centered lagoon attracts everyone.


One day walking on the dwarf I saw this class fishing. Wouldn’t that be something to do back home? Love it!


So one of the guys I met was leaving the country and was giving away this and that. I now have Uno, the game, sheets and pillows and a Hookah as they call it Oz! So why on earth would I accept these things? I will let you know in a bit.


The last night, before the German guy left, we had a lovely meal containing fresh seafood. Yumyum!


So, about the stuff. What happened was that the girl I came to Cairns with from Airlie, she stayed one night in Cairns and moved on to work in another town. She introduced me to Fra who wanted to go to Cape York like me. Cape York is the most northern point in Oz. Thus I collected I few things for the little roadtrip. Because we went! More about the trip to the tip in next post.

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  1. Finalizzimo! Ser fram emot nästa update. Puss!

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