Life isn't a business to be managed, it's a mystery to be lived!

It is all part of the adventure. Me and Fra left Cairns and Tolga with Fra’s new van, Tony. After 3 whole days of travelling we are stranded in Cloncurry, 120km from Mt Isa. We are still in Queensland and have been in this town now 5 days. Just some car problems… Other than that we are good. No rush, no stress.
I can tell you that John Flynn is the founder of the Australian Flying Doctors. From this town went the first flight. Apart from that museum I did 5pax laps in the swimming pool and I’m reading a good book. Fra is working on the van to keep our costs down.


This is also our home the last days. As we have everything in the van John, the boss in the workshop, aloud us to stay in the workshop. So yes jag bor i en bilverkstad. For those non Swedish: I’m staying in a cat mechanics workshop. And the best part? I love it! How many have done that? And another thing. I can smell petrol all day and grease and see men getting their hands dirty. Just a little nostalgic from some of the men in my family.

We might be hitting the road tomorrow as it looks like now. Since I can’t give a hand under the hood (which in our van actually is under the seat..) I’ve become a house…a van-wife and now I’m off to cook some dinner.


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  1. A van-wife, HAHAHA!

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