Life isn't a business to be managed, it's a mystery to be lived!

The animals in this country like to interfere with the humans. Why not.

First you think ok..



…but then do you really think I went to pee?



When mr Tony (our van for my new readers) decided to take a rest we found a nice man to towe us all the 180km… But before he decided to take us all the way we tried to get signal on a phone to see if we can get the professionals to come and towe us. Though in the outback it’s not only me that is without a signal….


Apart from the little cute green friend above there are more friends there are more that are interested in what we humans do in everyday-life.







In the changing room at the swimming pool…I switched changing room…Bild





I haven’t told this yet but the country of Oz could also be name the country of signs… It’s not only the frog warnings but also normal road signs..


Yes this is a roadhouse actually so I’ve spent a night in Threeways. Go figure.



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