Life isn't a business to be managed, it's a mystery to be lived!

The oldest pub in the Territory is in Daly Waters wig its 25 inhabitants


Of course there is not only the oldest pub in the Territory but also an unuseful light…just to keep a reckord of something more…


Let me show another sign. In case people don’t understand where the ladies’ wc is


The next morning going to the toilet I was very surprised to see someone I recognized…went a little closer… Yes! Lara is a girl I met in Katoomba, Blue Mountains, when I was trekking. I haven’t seen her since and the odds of meeting here in the middle of nowhere was great fun!
She told me there are hot springs in Mataranka and so that was next stop
The river


The hot spring that runs out to the river


The hot spring


To reach all above you need to pass under these fellas. Look closely what’s hanging in eeevery palm tree.


There is an expression which I’ve really come to like and use daily. “Shit happens in Darwin”
Now I would say it might already started in Katherine.. First we managed to drive on the wrong side of the road! Check! Then it was our first time driving after the sun went down and then we killed something while driving…my first roadkill was……..a tiny bat! On the freaking window….
The plan was to reach Katherine Gorge to canoe the next morning in the gorge. Lucky as we started beeing you need to book in advance and the next morning we just continued to our next stop. So Katherine Gorge is a plan on our way back.
Shit happens


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