Life isn't a business to be managed, it's a mystery to be lived!

Darwin 24 Sep-7 Oct

I welcome myself to the only tropical capital in Aussie! 97% humidity is tropical alright!
Checked in at Ashton Lodge in the middle of Mitchell St, opposite of Coles (the supermarket). 75 000 people living here and it is a very multicultural city. I really enjoyed Darwin. Not too big but has what you need.

I haven’t done much in Darwin. Just enjoying the real bed, shopped a bikini, used it by the lagoon and got waxed.

I am wanted in two states…oops



Nag, don’t worry. Tony is baptised and is now from the Territory.



The only photos I have at the moment is a mystery..why do you go shopping in your pyjamas?


Photos coming up muuuch later. Not that I have many…like one?

Now heading south, the big red centre is next! Wohoo! Ok with a few stops in between of course.


Comments on: "Darwin 24 Sep-7 Oct" (2)

  1. Top of the morning to ya sis!
    Just had my breakfast in front of the screen while reading your blog =)
    I really do enjoy the fact that you choose to share everything with us, including the fact that you got waxed. Just missing the location on that =)

    Even though I suck at commenting, I read every single line you write.
    Keep it up, and keep enjoying every moment of your journey!!
    Love you so much!
    /Big sis

  2. Får du ta med dig regplåtarna hem? 😉 Det är såå kul att läsa och se bilder och drömma sig bort. Idag var en “stress, upptäck prisfel, HX-varning, skäll av kund, trött på livet-det är grått ute och regnar-dag” I enjoy reading and dreaming about other continents 😛

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