Life isn't a business to be managed, it's a mystery to be lived!

Flew back to Melbourne after two weeks in Tas.
I know I’ve said it before but I just love Melbourne. It’s just such a great city on so many levels!
For all us ice cream lovers out there. How about serving yourself like this?


Isn’t it hilarious how you bump in to people you know in a big city where you don’t know anyone? Well Maria (from Tas roadtrip) bumped in to me and D on our way to Victoria Market.

Victoria Market is the biggest market in Melbourne and is on almost every day. When it’s not on, there is the night market with live music.
Since I knew Sweden is still snowy I was looking at some woolen hats and after a little bit of bargaining these two are mine



Our feet hurt after walking hours in the market so we went to a park. Tried to juggle, but me and Maria sucked… We got better after several trials but we still can’t juggle :p who cares? We had fun!


Met up L again. All of a sudden we were shopping! Crazy! Bought two dresses! Woohoo! Ended zi evening with a suitable German beer mit zi German


Had a last coffee with L before she left the country. Check out the fancy street sign on the opposite lane 🙂


The shopping urge had apparently just awaken in me again, after a years rest. So here I go again! My new precious ones!


Aah, Melbourne offered me a free ice cream while hanging out on Fed Square this eve! Heaven!


Most of my old and new friends had now left Melbourne or/and Oz. At M&M’s place Maurice bought a record player and we all had a nice day listening to good oldies enjoyed with a beer


Monday, 18th March, M&M took me out for Mexican food in Brighton. It was my last night.19th of March was my last day in Oz. In the morning I visited Williamstown again, where I first started my trip. Before returning home I jumped off at Flinders and just stood by the steps of the entrance of the station and stared at Melbourne, the city that has a big place in my heart.
Me and M went for an evening walk to the beach, had a hot chocolate and then came the drive to the airport.
I wasn’t sad. I’ve had one tremendous year. An amazing adventure I will never forget. The amount of new friends I’ve made and people just passing by, leaving a footprint in my journey and making it happen, I feel lucky and rich having all these memories today and forever, if I don’t get amnesia…
Of course I will be back!

24 hours later…
When I landed in Copenhagen, I had a mild shock. My eyes were used watching a blue sky..but I landed in this


I’m back. Back in Sweden. The country which seems raped by the winter, lucky I have my bright hat!



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