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Trompet de la Mort – Mushroom picking

On a nice October day we went out to pick some mushrooms. G’s brother had a spot. I have never done this before so this was a first. Yay! Soo many Swedes do this and so many times during fall but I’ve been left out. I loved it. No worries mate! Especially when we found the whole forest filled with Trompet de la Mort. It took me a while to understand that the name of the mushrooms where not Trompet de l’Amor(e)…. (I was mixing the word -love- in Italian amore with the French word amour..) And I could not understand the resemblence between love and the darkest mushrooms I’ve ever seen. Untill later.. And then I was like “why are we picking them if the are called death??” 


I don’t know much about how to pick mushrooms but I can eat them and you shouldn’t eat too much of these, maybe the name derives from eating too much will kill ya..?? Don’t know people. All I know they tasted yummie with parsley and they are a pain to clean!! Maybe that’s why they are so freaking expensive too.


September part 2 – Off to France

After a great last day in Helsingborg with parents and friend I was ready. Ticket was booked, my clothes where packed and off I went. After a fairly long wait I finally arrived in Dijon and my great ride was waiting for me, my boyfriend G. 🙂

I arrived pretty late but we went straight to a dinner party with friends. The next day we went to Le Pal with some other friends. It’s a park with both animals and merry go rides. A great way to spend a warm day.




These little fellas were fun. See the one that sleeps on her back and “hand”-paws in the air? Cute I say!



Seeing some colorful and funny looking birds reminded me a little of Oz.


I simply love a day like this. You can see that fall was there even though it was hot hot hot and with a clear sky. Beautiful

G’s cousin turned 30 and we went to a restaurant for a big, nice dinner party. After the main dish it was time to grab some cheese, but it was not served on the table. The cheese table turned around the main table. Not bad! Welcome to France me!


September part 1

So I made a decision after this summer that passed: I will move to France.

I did not have many autumn and no winter clothes at my parents’ place, so I had to make a small visit up north in my old hoods to get hold of some of my things. And that’s what I did.
This is the first time I tried to take a ride with someone else who is going north. I was lucky enough to find someone who was going to the same town as I wanted. Perfect I say. Instead of taking the plane or train I went with some strangers in a car. Yes the car was full after half way.

After grabbing my things I tried to make a quick and efficient visit in Uppsala. You realize how many people you know in one city when you try to squeeze in some speed dates with your friends!! It was all fun and it is always lovely to catch up with friends IRL and not only through all the other electrical devices. Do I sound ancient? Well I miss my friends and I like to meet them face to face.

September has been great weather wise and I was lucky to see my hometown, Helsingborg, from it’s best side. I thought I would share some pics with you.

North Harbour


Here starts the green area which is full all summer with people BBQ:ing, sunbathing or just hanging around with friends.



One end of the beach

The Kronborg castle in Helsingoer is the castle where Hamlet was played for the first time. It lies only 4km across the sound from Sweden.

Here are the famous ferries which depart every 20 minutes over the sound Helsingborg-Helsingoer in 20 minutes.

SAM_9243 SAM_9244

== Love the ground where you grew up ==


August 2013



It is always nice that something is going on in your area because then you have something new you can do. Malmöfestivalen is a festival that last for one week with food from all around the world and great music.
My friend M talked about a new band which I became to adore! I do have to say that their acoustic versions online are nicer as one can hear the great quality they have. 
Here is a pic of Hurricane Love. We also saw Bo Kaspers Orkester and Discoteka Yugostyle this same evening.



I visited the festival one more time and I must say that everytime I’ve been to this festival I’ve always had a nice time.

The last day of August is my brother’s birthday so we had a little party. Hipp Hipp!

And I love a little party disguise 🙂