Life isn't a business to be managed, it's a mystery to be lived!

After a great last day in Helsingborg with parents and friend I was ready. Ticket was booked, my clothes where packed and off I went. After a fairly long wait I finally arrived in Dijon and my great ride was waiting for me, my boyfriend G. 🙂

I arrived pretty late but we went straight to a dinner party with friends. The next day we went to Le Pal with some other friends. It’s a park with both animals and merry go rides. A great way to spend a warm day.




These little fellas were fun. See the one that sleeps on her back and “hand”-paws in the air? Cute I say!



Seeing some colorful and funny looking birds reminded me a little of Oz.


I simply love a day like this. You can see that fall was there even though it was hot hot hot and with a clear sky. Beautiful

G’s cousin turned 30 and we went to a restaurant for a big, nice dinner party. After the main dish it was time to grab some cheese, but it was not served on the table. The cheese table turned around the main table. Not bad! Welcome to France me!



Comments on: "September part 2 – Off to France" (1)

  1. T and G, sitting in a tree… 😉 L´amour!

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