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Octobre 2013 – my first French Festival and Paris!

In our little town, Montceau les Mines, the TSB Festival was in town. TSB stands for Tango, Swing and Bretelles, the last word is suspenders 😀 I must say it was a great mix of music and the crowd as well as the bands were all on on top of everything 🙂


Weekend in Paris with my dearest. First night we stayed with G’s cousin and we had a crazy night tour by car. Look where we stopped to have a look and take a picture of the Arc de Triumph! In front of a traffic light…well well. Why not ey?  We really sweeped the city’s big tourist attractions in one quick ride.



The day after we visited Sacre Coeur,



Had a beer next to the Pantheon

The Eiffel tower? Yes saw this aswell. It feels less silly somehow to post this picture that everyone knows and has at least seen on a picture, than the Opera House in Sydney.


And some other artistic people on the way to meet up with my brother and his wife. Love is in the air, it’s in your bones!

This was by the way not the first time we met up with L+L. We met them the first night too and the last 🙂 All days in other words. Always nice to catch up with family.

So the last day we did the Louvre 🙂


A big thank you to L+L (and mummy who packed) who brought some (a lot) of my stuff from Sweden 🙂
Au revoir Paris!