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Old people on the road!

Our vacation is about to start. We will just put all our things in the camping car and off we go with this beauty!
If we were in Australia we would be called “grey nomads” – in Sweden “pensionärer”.
What is my favorite thing to do?



Venice here we come!!

Two nights in Venice are booked for the beginning of our holiday which will start in August.
Have not been to my paradise for 4 years! Yes for those of you who know me I was in paradise (read Greece) every year since I was a child. I’ve explored many other spots of our little world but it’s definitely time to head back!

Έλληνες!!! Έρχομαι (ερχόμασται βασικά) 😉


Needed in cars in France

So I know some things are mandatory in a car but this changes I guess from country to country 🙂

So one thing here is a beautiful neon vest in case you need to pull over you need to be visible. First aid kit, warning triangles well you know the deal there I guess.

Another thing is the alcohol test. You can buy them basically anywhere. This is a small bag where you can blow into. If the level of alcohol, according to the level in France, is too high the ball inside will reach a color which indicates that you can’t drive. If a policeman pulls you over you need to have this in the car.


And for the curious ones here is my little flying Saxo, yes I do have a little wing on it 😛


Cheeeese Fondue!

This was some time ago now. Had a dinner at G’s twin brother and this was dangerously yummie!

In a good fondue you mix 3 different cheeses. Compte, Beaufort and Emmental. 




Big or small, always old, with towers and many chimneys I get this feeling of a ferry tale. I love them!

This one is about a 15min drive from where we live. They are everywhere! Hidden behind tall brick walls or open widely for everyone to grasp a view.



Castle of Donjon ( a village) 
This is a private castle and the family does not live in it today. Beautiful right? Their own lake as well






The family lives here behind the castle