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Here we go

As promised I finally organized all the photos taken from our camping car road trip to and through South West of France.

I said I will only drive this thing on straight roads…now it’s kind of hard to find straight roads…especially on the country side. Since G’s parents already like me and they recently bought the camping car I didn’t really want to risk any of that so I didn’t touch it at all.

First stop then. A cousin of G who lives in central France. He’s got horses, dogs, boars and wild boars. You can literally get lost here as their property is 120 hectares!



17 horses, including one that is on it’s way any day now.
We couldn’t ride them as these are horses for competitions, races and jumping. I liked the one on the left in the middle. Was very gentle and curious, just like me 🙂




With all this land you can put things or an occasional old vehicle aside


50 dogs, 3 races and 5 puppies!! Lucky meeee! (3rd race was Bernese Mountain Dog 🙂 )Image

We took a walk around the land. It sure is great to see that all these animals have lots of space to move around. He had sheeps before too and I can see there is no problem to have a whole zoo here and everyone would still have their privacy.


Lovely oak right?

It’s nice to do some of this work. In the evening the horses, the females with small ones and the one carrying one, are taken inside in the evening.

And it was really cool to see this little one on the second row, check out the muscles on this little boy!


Then it’s time to feed the other ladies, and one male. I waited to enter here as I’m not the most confident when it comes to big animals like these. The females went a little nuts when all three of them are close to male.


Then we fed the boars…the land is so big you have no idea where they can be and also they are an animal that moves around during the night.


And last the wild boars. Nothing to be kidding about here. G’s cousin showed us a spot in the cave where one wild boar managed to brake a piece of the cave. He sells them for people to hunt. But to catch one is not a piece of cake!


This is from the view from the opposite side of the house over the lake.


And at last it was time to drive back to the house 🙂



Two days and two nights on the farm was amazing. Not only because of the animals but great people too!



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