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St Emilion & Camarsac

St Emilion

We continue driving west. Just before Bordeaux you find all the beautiful vineyards. All the Chateu-somethings. And I can promise you that all the houses…it’s not right to call them that, villas, mansions are simply a jaw-drop! All these are situated around St Emilion which itself is a gorgeous old romantic village.


For the ones who know their wine, not me, these are well known names and basically that’s all you can find here. Well heard of wines, Grand Cru and Grand Cru Classé! The top of the top, if you know wines that is. If you don’t really are some names:


In the village we found this old square. Well it’s not a square it is a place where women came to wash clothes in the old days. Beautiful little spot and nice that they decided to keep it. If you could not imagine how they were doing I’m demonstrating in the second picture 🙂


Pomerol is another well known place where good wine comes from



Chateau Camarsac


The next day we started driving towards Bordeaux and stumbled on to this old castle. Yay! And this was both a real castle and a castle that made wine. Also this was someones “house” i.e. it is inhabited, well part of it and the rest it being rebuilt.

We had some wine tasting and bought some bottles to go as well.





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