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I have never visited Vichy and I’ve heard the city is nice. As always there is a lot to see but you can’t visit everything. So we did the city centre and went through the parc where the well of Vichy water is.

Along the way we passed the Donjon castle, I have put pictures of it before, the red brick one and its sheeps.

DSCN3485 DSCN3487
The second one is in the town Lapalisse, the same town where I bought my car. We made a short stop to have a look at the castles and their surroundings.

Here is the Vichy spring. Well one of them. Situated in a parc just close to the city centre.
DSCN3495 DSCN3495a DSCN3499 DSCN3499a DSCN3500

Personally I must say that I don’t like this water. It is interesting how the water is carbonated straight from the spring, but not enough from my taste. Simply not my kind of water.

I don’t have the most unique name in this world but it’s not the most common either. Here it is though, beautiful on the wall and a true Theodora straight under it!


Vichy was a nice and simple city, the centre I’m talking about. We brought souvenirs from different stores and had a nice lunch and a coffee over there too. Everybody shopped something for themselves and those grandchildren of theirs.



After a days walking around we finished up with beers in Molinet and then went back home.

Great day!


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  1. Einai auto to iamatiko nero pou kanoun ta proionta Vichy?

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