Life isn't a business to be managed, it's a mystery to be lived!

The weekend we all stayed in Molinet as there was a family dinner on Saturday night.

G’s auntie invited us to come by for an aperitif at her place. We made a stop by the bridge for boats to show my parents, I’ve posted last summer about this bridge with water on it so no more 😛
I really like A’s place as it is just by the canal. On the second photo the canal is 3-4m in front of us.

DSCN3544 DSCN3548

So people started showing up in the evening. When I thought that everyone, all the family, was complete more cars start driving up. My love had invited all our friends to come too! And as it turned out it was not a family dinner party it was a party for my 30th. I cannot explain how greatful I am to everyone who showed up for me and how much I appreciate this gesture of throwing me a party. It was all G’s mum’s idea. And as they are a great bunch they have been planning the party and inviting people from January already!! Too sweet really! I was out of words – especially French ones!

Family photo!

DSCN3555 DSCN3562
So now that everyone was here I had some presents to open.

The reason why I am in a state of shock? My present from everyone there is that I will go SKYDIVE!!!! Yes I know, I feel my heart beating a little faster too when I think about it. THAAANK YOU ALL!!!!! I’m so excited!!

Time to eat, 25 people took there seats and we were served Boeuf Bourgignon! Oh my I say! I have never tasted this before but it is delicious. It takes 3 days (!) to prepare and the meat is tender as, well I don’t know a good English expression, but it melts almost before you put it on your tongue!

DSCN3566 DSCN3567

Time for dessert!! And hallelujah there were desserts! So we had a princesstårta from yesterday for people to try. But they had a surprise cake too, choooocolaaaaate 🙂 And not only that! The neighbor had made her own iiiiiiice creeeeeaaaaaam! The first photo is the ice cream! The ice cream guys was with caramel and almond and just perfectly crunchy! YUM!

DSCN3571 DSCN3572

Also today my little helper was there. And as there were a bunch of candles and cakes I did need her help.
        Merci mon cheri pour une journée fantastique!

DSCN3574 DSCN3578
DSCN3578a DSCN3579 DSCN3580

There where some truths written on the chocolate cake:

Gluttony starts when we are not hungry anymore                            

Η λαιμαργία αρχίζει όταν δεν είμαστε πεινασμένοι πια

DSCN3581 DSCN3582
And:     9 out of 10 people love chocolate, the 10th lie                

   9 στους 10 αγαπούν την σοκολάτα, ο 10ος λέει ψέματα
DSCN3583 DSCN3585


I am truly greatful to have found an amazing boyfriend with an amazing family! Thanks to them I had a great day and one of the best things was that my parents were there with me. They got to meet everyone, friends and family.
Merci encore mon amour!


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  1. Lovely lovely lovely to see your updates and your party pic’s 😀

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