Life isn't a business to be managed, it's a mystery to be lived!

Meet Pablo!
And our friends in Belgium! Monday 14 June is the national day in France thus we had a long weekend last weekend. And we decided to visit an old friend of G’s. They live near Liège and so we stayed the weekend and they showed us around a little. When we stayed at home I was mostly playing with Pablito!! He’s adorable!
Here we are in Durbuy – which promotes itself as “the smallest town in the world”. Guess what? There are castles in Belgium too!
We walked around this beautiful town and of the shops was like the picture below. Decorated like a kitchen, in a kitchen, nice ey?
When you are in Belgium there are some things you need to do. Eat a Belgium waffle!! G is having a Liège-waffle, they are smaller and a little softer.
I had a Brussel-waffle, larger and much more crunchy!

This is taken from the inside of another cute old little shop. SAM_9790
We finished off by trying some of the bears, another must, that you can find only in the area and in Belgium. First one is from the town, second one is with peach flavour and third one is a weet beer.
Last night out we had a dinner at a brasserie where we could find a Belgium speciality.

Here we tasted two other bears. To the left is a weet bear and to the right a blonde. SAM_9795
We say thank you and good bye to the great and lovely couple! Aren’t they sweet? Hope to see you in France next time!

On our way back we drove into Douamont Ossuary. Here you can visit the memorial from the WWI where during 300 days, over a battlefield covering 20 square km, 700 000 men faught and about 230 000 men died. Here are the remains of the soldiers. It is hard to grasp that we still have wars going on right this moment, when you see this sight.
SAM_9801 SAM_9804 SAM_9805 SAM_9806 SAM_9807 SAM_9808 SAM_9810 SAM_9813
On the inside all the names of the soldiers are written on the walls and the ceiling. It is massive!
We also saw the fort of Verdun. Verdun is the closest city. As you can see the ground is not flat. When driving to the memorial this was the first thing we noticed. Here is a picture where we can see it clearly. In the forest, the ground looks exactly the same. How many bombs, I wonder?


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