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Just to update about the weather here in France I need to say that July has been wet! And not the kind where you swet wet. No no no. We are talking thunderstorms and simply non-stop rainy days. Not cold though, still summer.

So it was also raining last Saturday, when <3’s cousin got married. But talk about luck! It rained just before city hall, just before church (yes they did both) and every time we drove from one place to another. That means we had great photos taken outside with sunshine and the welcome drink in the evening was all outside. Basically it rained all day and in the evening and all night it took a break.

My first visit in the city hall of  the town Le Creuset. [lö krözå] 😉

01 01a 02 02a

This little girl is one of my favorite – schhhh yes I know you shouldn’t have favorites… But I’m not a parent and she is not mine 😛 This is G’s cousins child E.

This was our day:

1. City Hall – only family + witnesses
2. Church – all family and friends
3. Welcome drink – EVRYONE! Parents friends, neighbors etc etc
4. Dinner and rest of the eve – all family and closest friends – same as 2 I think 🙂

Interesting arrangement I must say. I mean I only have experience from Greek weddings and I’ve just seen and heard about others.
This way you can sort of invite everyone and at the same time not have the biggest wedding ever.

So the drinks and dinner was in Château de Santenay, yes in a castle. *yay*
The roof of this castle is typical in this region, Cote d’Or. As the one my sister and I visited.
It was quite a fancy welcoming. Champagne was flowing, BBQ, froglegs, snails, duck liver but also food that is eating by non-french such as salomon, and other more common food 🙂

Don’t we look good? Comments?? 😀
I’m becoming more and more French as time goes!
This is not too hard to eat, it’s tasty.
Though me eating a snail!! Yes you heard right, I tried one. One is enough to feel the…texture… *goose bumps*. So the sauce is amazing! Loads of garlic! Simply yummie! Sorry can’t find the picture..
Time to take a seat. Just a tiny information, look at the chairs, love them!
18 19 20 21 25
In France it’s not common to have a wedding cake, not a birthday cake either. You can of course and people do! You see the litle cone-shaped thing in front of the groom? That’s what they have here! There is vanilla cream inside this crunchy fried (?) ball. I still prefer cake, but this is nice too!
26 27 28 29
And here is the “Broom Car” that arrives last sweeping away after everyone else. Another tradition here in France. 🙂
Here are some photos from the day after, when we returned for a brunch to the castle and left overs from the day before.
1896755_10202372530094907_7906086415273084016_n 10169176_10202372531134933_29731152333229614_n
See those two trees? See that one of them is cracked open? Have a look further down and you’ll see what it looks like from the inside 😉
10383656_10202372525974804_1061129795558080671_n 10461385_10202372533294987_4247039225184176482_n 10525749_10202372532494967_8918916824740470345_n 10569899_10202598682432333_1878286004_n xx


And FYI : in TWO, yes twoooo!, days we start our road trip to paradise!!


Comments on: "Wedding Time – My 1st French Wedding" (2)

  1. Matilda said:

    Crikey what a hot couple you are!

  2. What a gorgeous couple 😀 and looking happy 😀 first the party, then the vacay 😀

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