Life isn't a business to be managed, it's a mystery to be lived!

We started driving to arrive to the queue of Mont Blanc. We had time to behold a glacier and enjoy a good game of UNO.

IMG_20140801_085707 IMG_20140801_091059
1½h later we took off to our first destination. Venice. Pasta, pizza and palamari! Of course ice creams for desert – yoghurt ice cream…sooo gooooood! Food here I come!
We stayed two nights in Marghera, 3 bus stops away from Venice. This is a place we’ve all heard of, seen photos from, documentaries etc. I didn’t know what to expect exactly though I thought it would be a much smaller place…like a bigger neighborhood. No no no. Entire Venice is the same style. Calm is a word that comes directly in my head. No cars, no bicycles…every now and then a small motorboat might pass you. Most of the people are tourists..but the loudest ones are still the Italians, so hey there is a great atmosphere. Hearing this beautiful language, walking up and down bridges and taking your way through this labyrinth of narrow roads from the past is just so fascinating.
There is no such place similar as Venice to be found anywhere else on Earth.

IMG_20140801_200607 IMG_20140801_204230

Piazza San Marco by night
IMG_20140801_213423 IMG_20140802_145917 IMG_20140802_152401
Piazza San Marco by day, clocktower
IMG_20140802_170321 IMG_20140802_172904

Next stop Plitvička Jezera, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia.
Not too far from Venice, 5h drive, we arrived to the camping site. Korana Campsite was really beautiful. And you can choose between all sorts of accommodation. Camping, camping car, bungalow, rooms well yeah everything.

For those of you who don’t know, what did we come here for? There are about 16-17 lakes in the mountains that are situated very close, one after the other, on top of each other or under, as you like. And there are waterfalls formed between each and every one of them. Some are small and some are much bigger.

IMG_20140803_140245 IMG_20140803_143355 IMG_20140803_143441 IMG_20140803_164650 IMG_20140803_165657 IMG_20140803_183251

We stayed in a bungalow and we had a breakfast buffet included. When you get all sorts of things to choose from you can make your own mix and this is loves brekky sandwich 🙂

Then we took off and drove all the way to Belgrade where we didn’t have too much time other than eat a Ćevapi, grab a beer and go to sleep. Because the closer you are to your destination the more anxious you get to arrive now and it feels too far away when you are simply getting closer and closer. So we went to bed earlyish to be well rested to drive the last 8-9h (with stops and the 1h it took to leave the capital).


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  1. I wanna go to Croatia 🙂

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