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1 more student!

I’m almost a real teacher with a class! :p Woop Woop!
Now I have one more student to teach English!
I feel awesome!
Bon weekend!


Latest news

Jobs are pouring over me. No, no but it almost feels like that :p

Last Saturday I had a great job interview and at the spot they said yes 🙂 I will start working at a supermarket from the 27th October. So I’m shortening my contract that I have today, continuing my private English lessons and starting my new job in 11 days 🙂

Yay me!

To our countries

To our countries
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Not one but two jobs!

Yesterday I started tutoring English. Yay!
And today I started a second job!
Yes it’s all or nothing right?

So English I will be doing 1h per week to start with, as I just have one kid.
Todays job is a 8 day contract and we will see if it needs to prolong.

That’s all for today folks!


Ξεκίνησα δουλειές! Ναι ναι, δύο κιόλας 😀
– δίνω μαθήματα αγγλικών 1 ώρα την βδομάδα.
– και σήμερα άρχισα άλλη μία. Στη δεύτερη επιστρέφω χρήματα σε επιβάτες με ακυρωμένες πτήσης. Για 8 μέρες και αν χρειαστεί θα με δώσουν κ άλλες μέρες.

Αυτάάά για σήμερα 😀
Καλό βράδυ!

The housewife reunited with it’s partner!

His name is Svinto. And he and I make miracles. Well almost.



Aaaah, feel that? Satisfaction!
I know I know…genes from giagia are showing themselves.. A lot when I have a lot of time on my hands.