Life isn't a business to be managed, it's a mystery to be lived!

Do you remember my birthday present? Well I got a tandem skydive!

The funny thing was that there was 3 of us friends. Here we are getting prepared and given instructions on what is going to happen and what we should think of. Weather wise we were not 100% as it was raining for some minutes then it cleared up and it continued like this all day. So we where the last team to jump and we literally jumped between two rain clouds. And while falling you could see around you several showers in different areas or towns as you see pretty far. You know how when driving sometimes you can see far a rainshower and you say “oh look you can really see how it is pouring down over there”. Well there were countless showers like that. Not the most common circumstances to skydive but we did.

Here we are, me Thomas and Alison.
Babe asked me how will you do now in the air? Like this! We waited a long time, maybe 2 hours or more as we waited for each cloud to pass and there were a lot of people there who wanted to jump and we where lucky because they stopped after us.

0IMG_20140921_161942 0IMG_20140921_162008
0IMG_20140921_172825 0IMG_20140921_172829

Off we went. The 3 of us where all in the same plane and all of us had tandem jumps. While getting higher and higher we started realizing where we are and what we are about to do. And I still don’t know how to put up a video on my blog so there are only pics guys.
On the photo on the right there is a small dot next to the airplane, or under if you want. That’s 2 people! Not me, I was last to jump.. not the best as I see how freaked everyone else where 😛 Especially A, first out, screaming like crazy.. Then you could start hearing the rest of us start swearing.. There was only one way down and it was out that door…

IMG_6027 IMG_6053 IMG_6227 IMG_6235 IMG_6238

Back on the ground the adrenaline was not gone. I was jumping up and down and could not stop making sounds and talking and wow. But I said I would not do it again. The next day I had already changed my mind, I do want to do this again!

IMG_6320 IMG_6333

So how was it then? Well have you ever had a dream that you are falling and your breath is sort of not there anymore and you wake up? Well it’s the same but you continue falling and you never wake up ‘cuz it’s freaking real!

Merci a tous pour ce cadeau!
Ευχαριστώ όλους για αυτό το δώρο!


Comments on: "21 September – 1 year in France – SKYDIVE" (3)

  1. wow!!!! Me to kontomaniko den ekane kruo?

    • Yes, it was cold the first 30s-1min but you really don’t care as you are scared and a think of a bunch of things while falling 😛

  2. Freezing to death would not be my first thought when skydiving 😛

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