Life isn't a business to be managed, it's a mystery to be lived!


Hey everyone!

It’s been a while ey?
Well I will try to take things in some order. Big projects are ongoing so I’ve simply been busy 🙂

Let’s start with how the year started. I got a job (!) (that arrived just in time for Christmas) and I got a permanent contract too! Yay for me! So as some of you already know I now work in a shooooohoooooestore 😀 Comments?
So yeah sometimes it is Al Bundy-style with some interesting old ladies though mostly it is simply nice. I’m close to home and I’m obligated to wear shoes from our store soooo that means I’ve done some obligated shopping, sooo haaarrrrd 😛

The store is 700m2 and has aaaall price ranges. So it is really interesting to receive both customers as new collections for each season.

So now I’ve worked there for almost 7 months and soon I’ll have vacation too! Though as last in, I only have one week for summer which I will try to make most out of. I have a great friend and her husband coming over during the same week so we will spend our vaca together with G and me.


Coming up: our big project 😉

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