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Latest house update

The front wall is rising 🙂
It’s not finished yet but it already looks more like a house/home than a construction site 🙂
IMG_20150812_154232 IMG_20150812_184725 IMG_20150812_184738


Back to the farm

For once I had a weekend, i.e. 2 days off. And babe is off on holidays, but working his ass off on the house.

So we took off to G’s cousin. We spent some great days.
There is a “baby”, a 1 year old, with a perfect shaped heart. Just look at that, isn’t she beautiful?

IMG_20150809_115423 IMG_20150809_115520 IMG_20150809_115554 IMG_20150809_115614 IMG_20150809_120755
IMG_20150810_101353 IMG_20150810_101421
I could not stay on for long as the girls behind saw that something strange was going on and starting running towards us 😛

Spent some lovely days, tried to fish, ate good, laughed hard. Thanks for this mini holiday!

Suicide or murder?

SAM_0172 SAM_0175