Life isn't a business to be managed, it's a mystery to be lived!

I had 1 week of holidays and my dear friends M & M came to visit! We hit the roads directly to reach Ardeche as we went by camping car and it’s far as it is.

Our first stop was in Vogüé, no not Vogue, you pronounce all the letters 🙂 It’s a small village where all the buildings are kept in their original look.

M is enjoying the beggining of her holidays. Babe is in his right seat, on a bike.

This is not the first bookstand I’ve seen. But I love this idea of swopping books.

Me and M. I think we had ice creams every day of our holidays..that was for about 8-9 days!


This is the heart of Ardeche. We spent it in Vallon Pont D’Arc. The water level was very low due to the heat wave this summer. We spent our days by the beach of the river of Ardeche. Slept well in the camping car. We hired canoes and spent a day on the river.
IMG_20150816_204654 IMG_20150817_141729

IMG_20150817_145029 IMG_20150817_145032
IMG_20150818_100918 IMG_20150818_101127
IMG_20150818_105529 IMG_20150818_121816 IMG_20150818_195037

Thanks M&M for coming and we hope to see you very soon! ❤


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