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One week off!
We went to un uncle who lives 7h away south west. Had a great dinner with grea t company.

Stayed one night and next morning, after loading the car with 2 banana trees, 1 palm tree, 3 agave and 10 L of rosé, we took off, happy and loaded.


Another 2h drive and we arrived in Pays Basque, Mauleon to be exact, where J and S live.

They have started their own business 1,5 month ago. They bake cookies and sell coffee from their cute caravan at markets. Simple and good!


All their ingredients are local and it’s all hand made. Maybe later I can show you a picture from a market.


Animal cemetery…

A couple of weeks ago I had a survivor. A birdy was blessed after smashing into our window. He stayed the afternoon and took off when he was ready.

Today is a sad day. Not one but two (!) losts..
One little birdy took a try on our kitchen window and is now in birdy heaven.


And 5 minutes ago another knock out! This little fella was going strong cuz he flew fast and I heard a strong boom and he bounced back 50cm!! He must’ve instantly broken his neck..


RIP little ones..🐦🐦

Hope the cats come around to clean up…🐈🐱

First garden!

We’re trying out some veggies for the summer!! 🙂
Wish us luck!!




I feel really close to the country side. Just saw 3 hunters with their dogs crossing on the field next to us!!


Sooo great news folks.

DIRECT flights are starting 16 April between LYON to Copenhagen!!! Yay!!! Lowcost too!! WOOP WOOP!!

Sans titre


For you in the even northern parts: time will come

Black and White

We had a birthday party to attend to last weekend, themed Black and White. So I went all in and even crosspainted my toes to match (hmm un match?) my shoes 🙂

Though I was a little afraid that we would all look like a bunch of waiters on an after party, this was a really smart theme to choose as everyone has something black and white at home. You don’t really have to go shopping for anything and when taking photos on people dancing they look simply united.



18-22 Aug –> Annecy

Annecy, we have already created memories here from our first visit here in July 2013.
It is in a town near lake Annecy, situated by the mountains, also called Little Venice. We found a nice camping spot and stayed.

You have seen pictures from the old town 2 years ago. We had never entered the city centre with shops etc. So we totally missed that there is the cutest original cookie shop!! And it’s so big aaand you get to taste a small cookie when you enter the shop, sometimes two 😉

IMG_20150819_184518 IMG_20150820_183153 IMG_20150820_183215b IMG_20150820_190551

Last time we were on the opposite side of the lake. The big white spot centered in the middle is the castle we visited. This year we spent it chilling by the lake in our swim suits.


France is a big country. I really enjoy finding new places, explore different landscapes and all this in the same country. And with the love of my life ❤