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18-22 Aug –> Annecy

Annecy, we have already created memories here from our first visit here in July 2013.
It is in a town near lake Annecy, situated by the mountains, also called Little Venice. We found a nice camping spot and stayed.

You have seen pictures from the old town 2 years ago. We had never entered the city centre with shops etc. So we totally missed that there is the cutest original cookie shop!! And it’s so big aaand you get to taste a small cookie when you enter the shop, sometimes two 😉

IMG_20150819_184518 IMG_20150820_183153 IMG_20150820_183215b IMG_20150820_190551

Last time we were on the opposite side of the lake. The big white spot centered in the middle is the castle we visited. This year we spent it chilling by the lake in our swim suits.


France is a big country. I really enjoy finding new places, explore different landscapes and all this in the same country. And with the love of my life ❤


I had 1 week of holidays and my dear friends M & M came to visit! We hit the roads directly to reach Ardeche as we went by camping car and it’s far as it is.

Our first stop was in Vogüé, no not Vogue, you pronounce all the letters 🙂 It’s a small village where all the buildings are kept in their original look.

M is enjoying the beggining of her holidays. Babe is in his right seat, on a bike.

This is not the first bookstand I’ve seen. But I love this idea of swopping books.

Me and M. I think we had ice creams every day of our holidays..that was for about 8-9 days!


This is the heart of Ardeche. We spent it in Vallon Pont D’Arc. The water level was very low due to the heat wave this summer. We spent our days by the beach of the river of Ardeche. Slept well in the camping car. We hired canoes and spent a day on the river.
IMG_20150816_204654 IMG_20150817_141729

IMG_20150817_145029 IMG_20150817_145032
IMG_20150818_100918 IMG_20150818_101127
IMG_20150818_105529 IMG_20150818_121816 IMG_20150818_195037

Thanks M&M for coming and we hope to see you very soon! ❤

Latest house update

The front wall is rising 🙂
It’s not finished yet but it already looks more like a house/home than a construction site 🙂
IMG_20150812_154232 IMG_20150812_184725 IMG_20150812_184738

For once I had a weekend, i.e. 2 days off. And babe is off on holidays, but working his ass off on the house.

So we took off to G’s cousin. We spent some great days.
There is a “baby”, a 1 year old, with a perfect shaped heart. Just look at that, isn’t she beautiful?

IMG_20150809_115423 IMG_20150809_115520 IMG_20150809_115554 IMG_20150809_115614 IMG_20150809_120755
IMG_20150810_101353 IMG_20150810_101421
I could not stay on for long as the girls behind saw that something strange was going on and starting running towards us 😛

Spent some lovely days, tried to fish, ate good, laughed hard. Thanks for this mini holiday!

Suicide or murder?

SAM_0172 SAM_0175

Up up and away!

And so the construction started. The ground was dug and we start to realize what was happening. Size wise though it is really confusing. When you have no walls the dimensions are messed up. You can’t really see it. So we were freaking out that we made it too small. For days and days. And yes we passed 2 times per day sometimes because the action has started and today we do have a house!

22 3rd day foundation IMG_20150601_182520

All this below happened in a day! It was madness. By lunch they had put two rows of bricks and when I visited in the evening there were walls higher than me! That’s the moment I really realized what was going on. It is a house and it might not be too small after all…

IMG_20150604_172558 IMG_20150605_161451

So I’ve never built anything, though I know it takes time. Then of course it depends who’s doing what and if it is a professional or not. And also in which country! I need to say, without knowing a whole lot of how to construct anything (well before this house I had not many clues) I must say the that our house is built fast, profesisonal and neat. Yes neat. Every time someone is done with their job they clean up around themselves.

IMG_20150610_182524 IMG_20150612_162024 IMG_20150618_191742

My parents came to visit and they got to see the above, the following day we closed the house. Doors and windows are set.

Two first photos are from the front.

IMG_20150629_184846 IMG_20150629_184857

Below it is the living room and the bathroom window from the terass and the next picture is the garage from the side.

IMG_20150629_185106 IMG_20150629_185135

So now it is holidays and no more work. Also we had a small (actually big) problem with the window frames and so they will all be changed (no extra payment from our side of course).

The extra garage/ atelier 

Meanwhile we have been building our extra garage. G and his dad have been, not we as in me 🙂 I did some digging though 😉

SAM_9881 SAM_9884

These views is from the south, the future terasse.
SAM_9889 SAM_9894
This is from the front. We are in the end of a small parc.
SAM_0125 SAM_0127 IMG_20150620_102650 IMG_20150620_142617 IMG_20150625_202124 IMG_20150627_195627

Tadaa! Soonish we will close up the openings here too.

Also some pictures from the parc. Or…our front yard if you wanna 😉 tehehe
SAM_0123 SAM_0129 SAM_0132

Sooner than you think you can come and occupy one of our bedrooms!! 😀

In Ciry le Noble!


This is how it looked like in January when we bought it. There was a small sheepfold which we made disappear so we can start building our future home! ❤

01 Land as bought02c07 Bushes down - clear view