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Trees in our kitchen

2,5 weeks ago I finished these paintings. We needed something in the kitchen.
Just finished:


On the wall:



My first visitor!

It was the perfect timing for me to buy the car. I had my first visitor last week. T came and visited for 5 splendid days!
It was firstly great to finally meet someone who knows me and secondly we took many rides in my new ride! Love it buy the way!

Introduced some new cheese in her life and some new wine. It is inevitable that would happen because in Sweden we can only find a selection from each country of this and that.
T was lucky to arrive when we had 14-19 degrees. Perfect!
A lot of shopping happened in different small towns and even I shopped two jackets! Yes two..

Saturday we took of to Lyon and stayed inert night there. It was lovely. This time I also got a glimt of vieux Lyon, the old city. Simply lovely! Btw the train from here takes only about 45min to the city centre of Lyon! So come and visit me you too!!

Yesterday T left and I came back home dead tired. These last days I’ve actually done something, and I really enjoyed it! Thank you T for visiting me!! I had a lovely time and it was great to see you here!

And today I started job hunting! I went to an agency similar to monster and talked for about 1h with the lady. All alone! Just a hint for you guys to understand how good my French is after 5,5 months! I feel good tada dada da da! 🙂

Bonne soirée!

Latest news!

It’s much nicer to read about the latest news than what happened 2 months ago. We celebrated Xmas yes. You did, I did in similar ways and it was all great. So what happens now? I thought I’ll continue with up to date stories instead of trying to squeeze in Xmas here. Sooo…


Πήρα αυτοκίνητο!!  🙂